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Plain balloons (light pink)

These gorgeous balloons will brighten any party! Why not mix and match with our dotty, confetti design balloons.

Pack: Set of 10 light pink balloons
Product code: NH261
Branding on item: No Breast Cancer Care branding
Price on item: No
Balloon release/use: These balloons are made with latex, which is biodegradable. Beautiful though a balloon release is, it isn't possible to control where the balloons will land so there's a risk of littering and their getting into the food chain of animals, birds and fish, resulting in injury to them, potentially fatal. Where they're purely decorative at an event, then we recommend disposing of them carefully afterwards, ideally recycling them.

All proceeds from items in our shop are spent on our work for people affected by breast cancer today.

P&P cost is calculated in relation to your order value and helps to cover the costs of packing, packaging materials and postage. Please visit our delivery page for full delivery details.

   First Class  Second Class
  £10.00 and under  £2.00  £1.50
  £10.01 and over  £3.00  £2.50

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